Was feeling left out of the tumblr #Scandal fandom. So this is me, dipping my toe into the pool.


Hey Terrys!


See, the problem for you people is that it is not a made up article as you are claiming. It was written in the year 2000 and is available on the internet for anyone to find. And again, Interpol and the FBI do not deal with this, and it is not slanderous or libel if it is true, and if it caused no harm to anyone. Do your research, people!

This woman is a sick, delusional liar and is finally being exposed. Don’t continue to follow her now; you’ve already been laughingstocks for far too long.

Who is saying it is made up? These people are crazy!

So you delusional Terrys...


What will it take to see through that Italian pretender who has been leading you around claiming to have insider information?

Is this finally enough?

Will the documentary be?

Why not the fact that she was proven to be a liar last August when she said friends of hers saw Judy Smith and Kerry…


Fifty and forever fantastic! Happy Birthday Michelle Obama.
Want to see more of MObama’s style moments? This article catalogs her boldest looks, from bangs to ball gowns and everything in between.


Fifty and forever fantastic! Happy Birthday Michelle Obama.

Want to see more of MObama’s style moments? This article catalogs her boldest looks, from bangs to ball gowns and everything in between.

The truth about Aliasvaughn   

Article about Alessandra’s whirlwind romance with a murderer on deathrow.

Scandal fandom be careful, she is not who she says she is and she’s not to be trusted. Though with the cult mentality some of you have, nothing would ever convince you she’s not this journalist who knows the TRUTH for ANYONE with EYES!!!

Awaiting the unveiling of the documentary she was in. Should be good.




Aliasvaughn or Messyunicorn..you are about to be exposed


Alessandro, you are a racist, nasty, malicious and vile creature. Nnamdi was not the reason you married a killer. Loving Tony Goldwyn because of the project he supports is…

Finally the truth. Spread it far and wide.

love, jess: So how does this work exactly?


As soon as Kerry started wearing baggier dresses a month or so after her wedding most of us started speculating that she might be pregnant but we were told by Interpol’s #1 Priority and her minions that we were all simple-minded idiots that didn’t know fashion and…

Anonymous asked
First question of the day: Do we still love the show? Of course 5 Yeahs on that. It came from the youngest of the Ladies as she trolls the internet with much more frequency & has noted/reported apathy in the fandom. We are not that fickle, judgmental, or insulted by the inconsistencies of Scandal. It does not erode our experience sufficiently to bring angst, what does is the idea that the show could be affected enough to be cancelled. We vote daily for the Peoples' Choice and let life do its do


Who are you brunch ladies?! I love that you show up in my mailbox every week. Yes, I needed that ginger tea. Thank you.

I absolutely still love the show. As a matter of fact, it is information I come across on my Tumblr dashboard that is more likely to get me down than anything that actually happens on the show. I am very aware if the contention going on right now in the fandom. I choose not to read many of the complaints because psychologically it impacts how you feel about the product itself: Scandal.

I treasure my experience of Scandal, and I do what I have to do to protect that experience. That means that I don’t read everything because it seeps into my psyche, subconsciously affecting how I feel about the show. I’ve been there. I know. And when you have a chorus of condemnation constantly undermining their own experience of the show, it renders people almost incapable of finding pleasure where they used to.

I must be honest—and I don’t care if I get side-eyed or unfollowed for this: I don’t support attempts by people to wage campaigns to encourage people to not watch the show b/c they are unhappy with some of the storylines. The fact is that the audience is not homogenous and there is no one direction that we all agree on. So naturally some will be happier with some storylines over others. And I find absolutely no joy in seeing ratings fall or settle into some kind of consistency. That’s MY personal belief. I hate the fact that some people are trying to high jack the show to being exactly what they want, or else they wish cancellation upon it.

I’m interested in the writers, directors and actors’ vision for the show, even if I don’t always like it. I’m here to see how the Scandal characters deal with everything that’s thrown their way. Obviously, I’m a huge #Olitz fangirl and a Fitz stan. But I am interested in characters and relationships full stop, not just romantic ones. Human behavior and motivation is the stuff of life. This show has helped me force myself into being a better thinker, to write more, and to give me more confidence in my own ideas. So yes, I love the show and I’m gonna keep loving it until I don’t. But I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Ok, I’ll stop blathering on.

Thank you for this. Nice to read something reasonable and logical and not hate-spewing and vindictive.

Rock on KP